Welcome to Healing The Inner Me

Healing is power... So let’s heal together 🤍

About Healing The Inner Me

Who are we?

Healing the Inner Me is a community based around people from all over that's willing to help each other heal. Many people things in their life and they feel like they have no one to go to, no one understands or they feel as is no one else have went through what they are going through. Our team and community are here to help, listen, understand and help you find resources. Come on in and get comfortable and lets start out healing process. 

- You DO NOT have to use your real name or Picture 

Need help? We are here for you.  

Need to talk to someone ASAP Text: 336-365-0232!

Let Us Help You!

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Be Brave Enough To Heal.. It May Hurt But Once You Heal You Will Forever Be Changed!